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Inspirational African Proverbs and Sayings About African God(s), Religion and Worship

An African village
Africans are staunch believers, and long before Christian missionaries and Muslims came knocking with their religions, Africans were already worshiping  In fact, African gods do not expect anything short of total submission. Sins were punishable but you are of course be forgiven if you offer some sacrifice to appease the gods. Well, in their efforts to guard cultural customs, boost societal morality and above all, ensure maximum respect and submissions to the gods of Africans, different communities used proverbs, sayings, riddles and even folk tales. For the wise, a word is enough.

Religion in Africa is as diverse as the tribes and communities. Even though most Africans converted to either Islam or Christianity, many have never fully relinquished their traditional practices. Some still worship facing the directions they believed their gods resides, others still believe in special trees, and even mountains.

It is actually not only in Africa where people believe in various things that may not be so “godly” in the eyes of others. There are many people from other continents who still worship curved sculptures, or sacred animals, and it really hurts whenever they see their “gods” slaughtered, cooked and served in the next meal. So, stop frowning at the African way of worship. Below are some sayings and proverbs about African gods, their religion and beliefs about the most powerful gods.

“If you are stranger in a foreign land, share in the good that come your way, but if bad comes, let it follow the natives who understand how to appease their gods”

“If you miss the drum-beats of the gods, you definitely lose on life’s pace and rhythm”

“Whatever the gods reserve for the poor cannot be destroyed by any man”

“One begins to seek the gods by holding the sacrificial lamb”

 “Don’t wait for the king’s downfall, the gods will not allow it”

“If you are to dine with the gods, you have to do it with a very long spoon”

“A good devil is as bad as a bad god”

“Don’t discard your nets if you fail to catch anything, you can never tell what the gods are planning.”

“It is an offense against the gods to sin against a brother or sister”

“The ignorant is long forgiven by God”
(West African proverb)

“God doesn’t give anything to those with crossed arms”
“No man can uproot a tree planted by God”
(Yoruba proverb)

“When God is cooking, don’t expect to see smoke”
(Zambian proverb)

“Cross the river first, and then praise God”
(Swahili saying)

(The beating of God’s stick is soundless)
(Swahili methali)

There are many other inspiration African proverbs and sayings about God(s), worship and religion, will try to add some more to this list with time.

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